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Violet Horizon's Bio:

Violet Horizon is an upcoming artist with an amazing new EP: 

Azimuth (Releasing on April 20th, 2021) 

An artist from Dallas, TX, who gives new meaning to the idea of keeping an open creative mindset, Violet Horizon is taking his music to different places.  

He is a master at channeling a wide range of creative influences and various musical styles, resulting in a very personal sound that’s he hopes is also massively appealing. 

Violet Horizon is releasing a brand-new studio EP titled “Azimuth”.  

This amazing new release is a breath of fresh air. It features a sound that’s just familiar enough to be immediately intuitive, but also different enough to keep the audience intrigued.  

I would definitely recommend listening to Violet Horizon if you are a fan of ambient music, electronica, post-rock, and experimental sounds.

The EP is well-produced, with some cinematic soundscapes and mesmerizing melodies throughout. There is a unique element to Violet Horizon’s music, which escapes easy 

comparisons, going for a more original sound. 

Listen to Azimuth, available on all streaming platforms April 20th, 2021.